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Keep Connected Implementation Toolkit

Welcome to the Keep Connected Implementation Toolkit, where you’ll find tools, strategies, and insights to plan, lead, and monitor quality of Keep Connected in your school, organization, or community.

The Backstory of Keep Connected Planning and Organizing Keep Connected Workshops Inviting Families—and Keeping Them Coming
Explore the background, history, research base, rationale, and key ideas behind Keep Connected. Unpack the features and logistics of planning and organizing Keep Connected workshops. Access insights, strategies, and tools to tackle the challenges of recruitment and retention.
Materials for Leading Workshops Facilitation Guidelines and Strategies Feedback and Evaluation Resources
Download facilitator’s guides, handouts, and other materials each session of the Keep Connected workshop series. Build skills for facilitating sessions with youth, parents, and families together,  including how to deal with challenges that arise. Get and give feedback on Keep Connected with these online survey and feedback tools from Search Institute.
Extend Keep Connected Beyond the Workshops Material from Keep Connected Institutes Additional Tools and Resources
Build on families’ Keep Connected experience with more opportunities for connecting, learning, and leading. Access the handouts, slides, and participant ideas from each Keep Connected Institute hosted by Search Institute. Inviting families to participate in Keep Connected begins with relationships. Use these digital and print tools to generate interest and reinforce your person-to-person and word-of-mouth outreach:

This online implementation guide builds on what is learned and planned during the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships. All Keep Connected facilitators are expected to participate in the institute in order to lead the workshop series effectively.

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