Bringing Out the Best in Your Family

What do you appreciate about and hope for your family and your children? Sure, you have everyday—and major—challenges to deal with. When you step back, though what do you value and hope for in your family? In our experience, mothers, fathers, and other parenting adults from many backgrounds and circumstances appreciate . . .

  • Having deep connections with each other, through thick and thin.
  • Noticing what’s going well, not just the problems they must deal with.
  • Meaningful and fun opportunities to spend time together to strengthen families.
  • Discovering new things about each other as everyone grows and changes.

This website (and the Keep Connected program in schools and organizations) invites you to explore these kinds of questions and topics for strengthening families. Yes, it includes practical information about what you’ll encounter across the ages and stages of kids growing up, from birth through the teenage years.

Dive into These Topics


Strengthening Family Relationships Grow Up Responsibly Understand Ages and Stages
Having strong relationships with moms, dads, and other parenting adults is key to children and teens reaching their potential and growing up responsibly. Working together to tackle today’s challenges and set goals for the future lays the foundation for kids to become more and more responsible as they grow up.

Each child is different, and each changes as they grow up. From birth through the teenage years . . .

  • What can you expect?
  • How can you respond?





Interact with These Features


Quick quizzes you and other family members can take to check how you’re doing, compare notes, and try new things based on what you discover.

Creative discussion starters on each topic for:

  • Parents and kids together; and
  • Parenting partners or parenting groups
Short, interactive activities you can use with your family to explore each topic—and spend meaningful time together at the same time.
Selected, high-quality children’s picture books and discussion guides, created in collaboration with First Book, to prompt parent-child conversations on relationships.
Key background research for each topic.


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