Licensed use: Keep Connected is copyrighted by Search Institute and remains the intellectual property of Search Institute. Individuals who have attended the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships (hereafter “Licensed Users”) are licensed to use the materials, including the online Keep Connected Implementation Guide, with the following restrictions:

Training and fees: Licensed Users may utilize the materials and deliver the sessions on behalf of the organization that employs him or her with no restrictions (or engages them on a volunteer basis). Licensed Users are not authorized to market delivery of Keep Connected in an entrepreneurial fashion beyond the reasonable work of that organization. Organizations may charge fees or secure funding to support delivery of Keep Connected.

Training of facilitators: Licensed Users are not authorized to train others to deliver Keep Connected sessions. All facilitators much participate in a Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships.

Facilitator guides: Individual facilitators may duplicate or download Keep Connected facilitator materials for personal use and planning. They may not distribute duplicate facilitator materials for other individuals who are not licensed to use the materials.

Handouts: All handouts may be copied by (and on behalf of) Licensed Users for use by participants in facilitated workshops. They may not be reproduced for inclusion in other curricula, publications, free distribution, or electronic formats. They may be copied by facilitators for limited distribution within their community and with key stakeholders, but may not be copied for use in other workshops or presentations.

Representation: Licensed Users may represent themselves as “trained by Search Institute to facilitate Keep Connected.” However, Licensed Users may not represent themselves as certified by Search Institute in delivering Keep Connected. Search Institute is not responsible for any misuse or adaptation of this curriculum. Licensed Users may not speak, act, or write on behalf of Search Institute based on being authorized to facilitate Keep Connected.

Keep Connected is the copyrighted property of Search Institute. All rights reserved.



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