“Push me to Keep Getting Better”

As adults, we often look back on challenges in our life as times of growth–and sometimes even our best experiences. So it’s also important to challenge growth in our families as well, to inspire, encourage and influence young people to take risks, work on goals, and try new things.

But sometimes the way we push our kids can backfire. We know that encouraging kids to take on challenges will help them grow. However it’s important for them to be driven to work toward the goals on their own.

Actions That Challenge Growth

Search Institute has identified these four actions to challenge growth:

  • Expect my best. Expect me to live up to my potential.
  • Stretch. Push me to go further.
  • Hold me accountable. Insist I take responsibility for my actions.
  • Reflect on failures. Help me learn from mistakes and setbacks.

Watch this short video to learn more about challenging growth:



How Well Do We Challenge Growth?

In a Search Institute survey, almost 75% of parenting adults report strengths in challenging growth with their kids. Take the Challenge Growth quiz to see how well you and others challenge growth in your family.

Learning Ways to Challenge Growth in Your Family

On our Keep Connected website, you’ll find lots of ideas for challenging growth in your family. There you can find:

We invite you to learn more about challenging growth and apply it in your own family setting!

Note: This is part of a five-part series on developmental relationships in families. To read other posts in the series, visit Express Care, Provide Support, Share Power and Expand Possibilities.


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